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ChargeUp App - Water splashAdina Rivers takes you on a step by step tutorial on how to give the perfect love massage. Her YouTube videos include lots of risque’ topics, and are all brought to you in her very comforting sexy style. . .

Not to mention the accent. She gives relationship advice, step by step guides to a women’s and a man’s body parts, and most importantly: when you are giving a love massage be sure to “use you heart.”

Regular love massages are not very popular: 10% of couples say they do it once a week, and 5% more than once a week. About a quarter are doing it a couple of times a month.

  • 42% of women said they are not doing it more often because “He gets all he wants”.
  • 78% of the men said they would like to receive, or receive more love massages.
  • 20% of women said they don’t do it often because “I don’t know how to do it well”.
  • 12% of women said they had never thought about it or discussed it.
  • 11% of women said, “Sex should be about more than physical release”.
  • 5% of the men said they do not want love massages.
  • 43% of the men said, “It’s just not that great”
  • 31% of the men said, “I feel it lets her off the hook sexually”.


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