This is the structure of our campus rep program, for the students who are interested & serious about getting into the business.


What are the requirements of a ChargeUp Campus Rep?

  • We are looking for college students from the ages of 18-21 years old.
  • You must be motivated, self-reliant, dependable and persistent.

What are the personal benefits of a ChargeUp Campus Rep?

  • Expand your own personal brand name, reputation & face card.
  • Meet the most important players in your city.

What are some other benefits of a ChargeUp Campus Rep?

  • Receive exclusive gear and access to ChargeUp events.
  • Make a nice percentage off events, products & services sold.

What will be my main role as a ChargeUp Campus Rep?

  • You will serve as the point person for your city.
  • You will act as the liaison between ChargeUp and your city’s most popular venues.

What will I be responsible for as a ChargeUp Campus Rep?

  • We will send you product each month for you to deliver to and follow-up with key contact people.
  • You will also help us setup ChargeUp launch events in your city.

What is the goal of the ChargeUp Campus Rep program?

  • Be steps ahead of your peers by graduation time.
  • Successfully enter the workforce because you have already completed the initial networking legwork.

We thank you for your interest in our program and hope to welcome you soon.

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