This Chef is Paid $1,000 for Every Meal She Cooks

Money is not really a hurdle for a sports star like Floyd Mayweather, the multi million dollar boxing champion is reported to be worth well over $300 million and is classed at the highest earning athlete in the world.

Ahead of his upcoming fight against Manny Pacquiao, Mayweather is reportedly paying a personal chef $1,000 for every meal she makes him.

Known as Chef Q, her Instagram reads: ‘the chef that’s beastin in Floyd Mayweather’s kitchen’ and TMZ reports that the Las Vegas chef is set to earn over $180,000 for her work in the kitchen as Mayweather prepares for his upcoming fight on May 2nd.

The young chef says that working 24/7 to match the boxer’s dietary demands is not as easy as it might first sound, If he needs me at 3 a.m., I am there cooking up breakfast.”

Apparently his favourite meals are ‘tacos’, dishes with high levels of protein and lots of fresh fruit and veg, as seen in the above pic. 

We can’t decide if chef Q or Ricardo Caput, who landed the personal chef to Psy from the internet hit Gangnam Style, has the better job.


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