When Did You Engage In Music ?

“I’ve been involved in music I’d say since I was about 8 or 9 I remember writing and recording a rap on a song of my fathers who happens to be a reggae artist , But he often dabbles in various genres of music as well. Although I wasn’t interested  in the rap game at that time my real dreams were to move toward the NBA, unfortunately I wasn’t blessed with the height. I used to be a very shy kid so what I feared to say, I’d say on paper in the form of short stories. I took rap serious at the age of 14 , I knew this was a path for me by the reactions I would get out of listeners. I just wanted to be a voice.

I sought of drawn into hip hop late. The first rap song I ever heard was “Horse & Carriage” from my cousin who must have been a fan of mase ,Other than that my mom only allowed me to listen to Will Smith and only played Jazz instrumentals. There is one moment I remember on my 12th birthday my oldest sister gifted me with Jay-Z’s – Dynasty album , I played it a thousand times plus not knowing what he was talking about but I guess listening to him allowed me to learn the formula for rap.”

Take On Hip-Hop ?

“My take on Hip Hop is that it has a lack of balance between underground, and mainstream. I see nothing wrong with the radio airing a Rich Homie Quan record. You may be going out to the club or getting up in the morning getting ready or driving to work and that’s a dose of audio caffeine. You may not be in the mood for a deep Nas record or Lupe track that will have your mind going.

They’re many voices in hip hop that aren’t getting the opportunity to be heard and that’s the problem I have. The people should hear different perspectives from different artists instead of one or one type artist from the small few that are out there.”

Alano’s Sound?

“My sound is currently giving off a New York vibe that’s my focus. I wanna bring back that 90s boom bap golden era sound with a mix of today’s music . So many artist’s from NY don’t seem to embrace the city, I do all 5 boroughs!”

His style is very smooth, chill and vulnerable. He pretty much wears his emotions on his sleeves, which he showcases in his music.

What Do You Want People To Take Away From Your Music?

“What makes my music unique is that it’s relatable a lot of music out in hip hop now is un relatable. I never had a glock in my rarri, or a glock to put in a rarri and wish that once I could have woken up in a damn Buggati. In my music I talk about situations that are easily relatable like losing a job and how it would make one feel, to hollering at a chick, to stupidly spending money you don’t have at a club. I don’t have to fake nothing. I want listeners to see me grow and through that growth they will hear my experience’s change organically.”

How Do You Separate Yourself From Other Artists?

“By not being safe, going left when everyone goes right, and by trying new things to challenge myself. One of my favorite artists is Andre 3000. He has done this throughout his career. In a world where no one listens to lyrics I want to get sharper for those who do ,That ultimately creates longevity instead of a one hit wonder record followed by a boot out the game.”

Who, What & Why Inspires You / Your Musical Influences ?

“Life pretty much influences and inspires me. My experiences, my mistakes, my relationships of all kinds and even the experiences of others are the driving forces to the songs I write.”

Who Have You Worked With & Who Would You Like To Work With In The Future ?

  “I’ve worked with Jess Jamez Figueroa from EOW underground open mic circuit he treated me like family and helped me get my project recorded in addition to Blakseed from The General Assembly crew who also treat’s me equally. As far as mainstream acts I’d like to work with Andre 3000, Ryan Leslie for production, & Tiara Thomas they are all creative individuals in their own right.”


“My motivation is to change the world: to use hip hop as a platform to inspire others the way I was. Like you encourage others to follow their dreams as I read in your bio I want to do the same. My motivation is to make one dance, laugh, cry, think and to be a voice to the voiceless.”

“As For Goal’s Alano Want’s To Be In The Conversation’s Of Being That Voice Of & For This Generation That Will Change The World In Anyway Possible.”

Any Upcoming projects?

Alano Recently Released His First Project Titled “No Concept” Via Soundcloud Which Will Be Displayed Below , He’s Currently Working On A Follow Up Entitled “No Substance”

Social Media:



Intro off the EP No Concept

Shot by Bugsy Wins Gabriel

Edited by Scarlett Wilson

Hello world I am an upcoming artist from Brooklyn, NY in need of help and support to fund my dreams. Your donations will go towards studio time, photos, and beats in order to give you the best quality music I can create. Should you help me reach my goal I will give everyone a copy of the new project im working on “No Substance”. Please support the movement and check out my music 90’s S**T , Ridin Shotgun , and I.D.G.A.F , more on Soundcloud 

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