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What can we say – we love love music! And there’s no better way to ChargeUp then to put on your favorite (or your mama’s favorite) slow jams/tracks/joints to get in the right mood.

Here’s our favorite sexiest Hip Hop/R&B songs within the last 24 years. Hold on…this may be a really bumpy ride 😉


24. Mario/Tinashe “Let Me Love You/2 On”

Ok so let’s get started with a ChargeUp MashUp!

It was hard for us to decide which song would lead off this playlist so we started with two of our favorite underrated artists, Mario & Tinashe. Mario has been pretty consistent in dropping some really good, sensual love songs. And we absolutely love Tinashe’s style, voice and personality!

So here’s an “oldie” with a newbie covered by William Singe. If you don’t want to hurt anymore, listen to this track. I’ll soon be singing a different tune! Enjoy.


20. Gee Gee Bstone “T Shirt & Panties”

Ok…what would you like to see after a long day at work?

That’s exactly what we were thinking!!! Here’s a twist on a classic record by Adina Howard from our friend Gee Gee Bstone!

Is it us or does the seductive voice of newcomer Nani Rivero make you wanna role play with someone right now?

If you want to ChargeUp a little faster next time, play this one. 😉


19. Wale “Bad”

Ready to feel real sexxxy?

From the squeaking mattress to her sassy style, newcomer Ceresia brings straight sex to this classic club banger by Wale.

The hook is very addictive and Ceresia’s bedroom voice just makes you want to do something more fun than “Bad.” Enjoy!


16. Verse Simmonds “Boo Thang”

Wanna make love to her mind first?

If so, Verse Simmonds’ “Boo Thang” is the right track for you. From Verse’s inviting voice, Kelly’s sexy presence and even Bu’s “Bad Boy” adlibs, this song is ideal for the lovers who want to love with no strings attached.

It just reminds us that “if it feels good, its definitely good for you.” Enjoy!


15. Kelly Rowland “Motivation”

Ready to listen to that voice inside you?

With seductive words and a new whip appeal, Kelly Rowland drives us crazy every time we play this song!

If you’re ready for a whole body experience, you’ll definitely enjoy this one!


14. Ciara “Promise”

Feeling kinda lonely over there?

This is definitely the “new boo” track after a tough breakup. If you’ve found that special someone you love talking to all day and gives you that school boy/girl feeling, this track is meant for you two!

We absolutely love Ciara and love her promises to us! Thanks for helping us set the mood right tonight CC! Enjoy 😉


13. Miguel “Adorn”

Are we the only ones who feel like grinding right now?

This song will definitely have you rubbing up against somebody soon! With a great blend of romance and mystery, Miguel does an excellent job of inviting us into the subconscious to find out what he’s really thinking when we looks at you.

Thanks to the greatest A&R in our generation, Mark Pitts, for finding another great one! Enjoy!


12. Ne-Yo “Telekinesis”

Are you ready for this fantasy ride?

Ne-Yo has always been good at giving us some sexy bedroom anthems, and doesn’t fall short on this track! The Art of Seduction starts with penetrating the mind first, and the best way to do that is through Telekinesis!

Next time you want someone to come closer, just whisper “Let me touch you without touching you.” Enjoy 😉


11. Sade “No Ordinary Love”

Looking for a different type of lovin’?

This song represents a totally different side of role playing. Every time we play this track, we feel like crying, hugging & lovin’ all at the same time!

You can never go wrong with playing some Sade! Enjoy.


10. Chris Brown “Poppin” / Aaliyah “One In A Million”

Want to get the party started now?

This song definitely sets up that “take your clothes off right now” moment. With a smooth & sexy soundtrack and alluring lyrics, this mashup of Chris Brown & Aaliyah heats up the night!

If you’re ready to get it poppin’ for real, play this one. Enjoy!


6. Destiny’s Child “Cater 2 U”

Now who doesn’t want to be catered too?

The hardest thing to do in any relationship is to maintain it. And Destiny’s Child reminds us all to take care of that special someone that treats us special.

So if you’re looking for ways to keep each other happy, this song will motivate you. Enjoy!


5. Usher “Nice & Slow”

Is it us or does it seem like Ush is amazing at reading our thoughts?

Nice & Slow seems to always set the tone, and is by-far one of Usher’s greatest tracks. While everyone is trying to f@ck, Usher reminds us to focus on “freaking” first. Thanks for the tip Mr. Raymond!!!

Here’s a cover by Internet sensation SloMo, one of music’s future bright stars. Enjoy!


4. Ginuwine “Pony”

Can you feel the sensation yet?

If not, Ginuwine’s “Pony” will definitely send some chills up & down your spine. With a sick beat and different way to look at saddling up, dropping this song at any moment in the night always gets the party started!

Here’s a dope acapella cover by The Filharmonic. “Come on…you know you want to jump on it!” 😉


3. D’Angelo “Untitled (How Does It Feel)”

There’s a reason why this record was originally named “Untitled”.

After witnessing the effects of this song on others, it’s hard to find words to describe this pleasurable experience. Filled with a feeling of love and sexual bliss, we are forever thankful to D’Angelo for this one!

There are just some artists that are too hard to cover…D’Angelo being one of them as he is truly a legend in Soul R&B. But we can definitely say our friend Daniel DeBourg did an excellent job on this one!


2. TLC “Red Light Special”

Ok so we can admit: we still have some really fun times with this song!

Oh my God, we miss girl groups so much! The combination of T-Boz’s alluring voice, Chilli’s “girl next door” innocence and Left Eye’s “I don’t give a f@ck” attitude, TLC defines the ultimate woman all-in-one!

For the ones that still like to take the scenic routes Down South, “Come through the door, take off your clothes and turn on the red light!”


1. Janet “Any Time, Any Place”

Have you ever wanted it so bad it didn’t matter who was watching?

That’s exactly how we feel every time we play this track!  This song is so damn seductive, from lines like “I don’t want to stop just because…” to “I don’t care who’s around”.

If you’re in need of some TLC or looking to set the mood on those rainy days, here’s one of our favorites from one of our favorites!


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