If you would like to be part of the casting calls for The A – Living Legends: Season 1, please read the info below:

IMG_20160118_111716“The show that will change entertainment forever!”

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Buissness Films, Fear Factor Music and Vintige Collection has announced it’s upcoming season for The A – Living Legends, which means there is a great opportunity for upcoming DJs, writers, producers, singers & entertainers from Georgia to take their shot at big screen glory. Auditions for The A – Living Legends are set to take place in a city near you very soon.

Meet Local Personalities, Executive Producers Chad Brown, GeZell Edwards, Issiah Grayson, Co-Producers Iman Tatum, Eric Freeman and Ahmad Abdul-Ali and host extraordinare Russell “Hustle” Simmons who all will be on-hand for the televised musical drama that inspired us all.

The A – Living Legends’ fans and cast can expect incredible special guests, surprises and more than a few returning favorites in what is being described as a historic series.

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The A – Living Legends, based on the Atlanta music scene from the early 90’s to mid 2000’s, will introduce the world to the infamous stories of Freaknik, Atlanta Jams, The Gate, Earwax and many more classic moments that shaped the future of music forever. 

Inspired by stories of urban legends like Jermaine Dupri, Ryan Cameron, Greg Street, DJ Jelly, Ludacris, Outkast, The SuperFriends, Goodie Mob, BME Click, The Monopoly Bro$, DJ Smurf, The Aphilliates, The Yep Boyz, Kilo, Raheem, T.I., The Elite 11 & many many others, The A – Living Legends sets the stage for the next generation of rising stars!

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Here’s your opportunity to experience & share unforgettable Living Legends’ stories for the very first time.

Open casting calls for The A – Living Legends at locations throughout Georgia are set to begin this summer and online casting submissions are starting up now. Interested talent can check below for up to the minute audition dates, fees and locations or click here for official rules and application information.

All future casting updates will be posted here as soon as they are received so check back for more news about the iconic series and why you want to be a part of this season’s production of The A – Living Legends.

Here is a list of this year’s upcoming open auditions coming near you:

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1/18 – Augusta, GA
1/19 – Athens, GA
1/20 – Macon, GA
1/20 – Columbus, GA
1/22 – Savannah, GA
1/24 – Albany, GA
1/25 – Valdosta, GA
1/26 – Carrollton, GA
1/28 – Atlanta, GA


We thank you for your interest in auditions and hope to welcome you soon.

DEADLINE: November 8

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